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Why Pre-Screen?

Every hire you make is an investment of time and money.

Pre-screening eliminates the risk and improves your chances of not only hiring the right person for the job, but also protecting your assets, employees and customers.


  • Reduces liability.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Lowers employee turnover.
  • Increases safety in the workplace.

What Can Hiring the Wrong Employee Do to Your Business?

In today’s world you need to protect your company’s assets, employees, and customers from the dangers and risks of hiring the wrong employee. Negligent hiring lawsuits, workplace violence, employee theft, unqualified candidates, and workplace drug use threaten the safety and security of your employees and customers, and can damage the financial health and reputation of your business. Additionally, failure to fully screen new hires leads to lower production, increased turnover, rising hiring costs, higher financial liability, and an unsafe work environment.

Unfortunately, you can no longer extend a job offer based upon a good interview and chemistry – you need to take a good hard look at the background of your potential employees. Your company’s main road to success is its employees. Your responsibility is to insure the selection of only the best.

In order to do this, a thorough background check on all applicants being considered for employment is a necessity. Do you have the time, resources, and access rights to perform the necessary investigations?

A.I.R. Pre-employment Screening Services will spare your staff the time consuming, costly job of verifying all claims and facts relating to your future employees.

Our time efficient, cost-effective pre-employment investigations, drug testing, and assessment testing will provide you with accurate, timely, and verifiable information about your applicant. Our superior customer service representatives will keep you informed every step of the way.

Our service is easy to use and all reporting is well documented and designed to highlight any discrepancies found during the investigation. You can request service, review statuses, and view completed reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Criminal Records Search – If there is a record, you need to know.

Employment Verification – 30% of all resumes and employment applications contain exaggerations or outright fraudulent statements regarding employment history.

Education Verification – 27% of all resumes and employment applications contain exaggerations or outright fraudulent statements regarding the applicant’s academic achievements.

Social Security Trace – Confirms that social security numbers are valid without multiple names attached. This includes address history, which aids in where to search for criminal records.

Motor Vehicles Driver’s License Record Search – Before putting an employee behind the wheel of your company vehicle, you should know their driving history. Reckless driving and DUI infractions do not always appear in court records.

Credit Reports – Helps determine the applicant’s financial situation and payment responsibility.

Workers’ Compensation Records – Provides information that can assist you in determining if the applicant is physically capable of performing assigned duties.

Military Service Verification – Checks the applicant’s service record and military history.

Professional References – Can define the image of the applicant by those who really know them via professional and social relationships.

License and Credential Verification – Verifies the validity and status of an applicant’s licensing, credentials or registrations.

Drug Screening – Allows you to adhere to a strict drug free work place policy that will discourage users of illegal drugs from seeking employment within your organization.

Homeland Security Searches – Determines if an individual and/or entity is prohibited from doing business with, being employed by, or participating in any programs within and/or contracted to the federal government. This will also confirm if your applicant is on any government watch list.

Annual Re-screening – Reveals possible criminal activity that may have otherwise gone undetected since the last screening.

Violent Sex Offenders Search – Indispensable when it comes to employee safety and company reputation.

Exit Interviews – Improves employee retention rate by identifying problem areas that may be causing unnecessary employee turnover.

Assessment Testing – A reliable indicator of future job performance.

I-9 Verification – Ascertains eligibility to work in the United States.

Tenant Screening – Affirms that your tenant can pay the rent, does not have a criminal record, or a history of property damage.

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