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Criminal Records Search

Your applicant’s past is a good indicator of his/her future at your company.

The following four research methods are available:

County Court Record Searches

The most accurate source of information available on a local level. Our researchers perform a live, hands on records search at county court houses. The information contained in these files is the most current available, including arrests and pending cases.

State Records

Not available in all states. While we encourage a state record search, we can only obtain records that have been reported and are available. Because state databases are not updated regularly and/or not all information is transferred from the courts, we strongly advise our clients to use this in conjunction with the county search.

Federal Records

Records are available in all federal districts. These records are for violation of federal law and are prosecuted in a federal court. They include, for example, bank robbery, interstate drug trafficking, mail fraud, securities fraud, certain types of firearm violations and crimes committed on federal property.

Nationwide Criminal Record Index

A good auxiliary criminal records search to the State and County levels.

The nationwide search, while not comprehensive as not all locations are required to report findings to this database, may pick up records from geographical locations where your applicant may have been but not informed you of. The usefulness of the NCRI lies in its rather ‘shotgun’ approach, and any results found should be followed up by a physical court search on the county level.

Nationwide Sex Offenders Search

Employers, parents and concerned residents can utilize this search to identify sex offenders working, attending school and residing in their own neighborhoods as well as in nearby states and communities. Our search utilizes the NSOPW which is the only U.S. government Website that links public state, territorial, and tribal sex offender registries from one national search site.

Employment Verification

30% of all resumes and employment applications contain exaggerations or outright false statements regarding employment history.

Previous and current employers are contacted, with the applicant’s authorization, to verify the written statements made by the applicant on their application/resume. Dates of employment, starting and ending titles, salary, reason for termination, and rehire eligibility are verified. Also included are any comments the employer may be at liberty to provide. The name, title, telephone number of the verifying party is documented. The report will highlight any discrepancies or adverse information uncovered during the verification process.

Education Verification

27% of all resumes and employment applications contain exaggerations or outright false statements regarding the applicant’s academic achievements.

The highest earned degree and confirmation of written statements provided by applicant on their application/resume are verified. The educational institute will be contacted to verify the following: dates of attendance, course of study, graduation status, type of degree, and any achievements or honors that were received. The name, title and telephone number of the verifying party is documented. The report will highlight any discrepancies or adverse information uncovered during the verification process.

Social Security Number Trace

Verify the true identity of your applicant.

The applicant’s Social Security Number is run through various databases to determine the validity of the number, date and state of issue. This search will report to whom this number was issued and any other names associated with the number. Also Included will be a list of previous addresses for at least the past ten years – an excellent tool to know where else to search for possible criminal records.

DMV – Driver’s License Record Search

Check before you put an employee behind the wheel of your company vehicle.

A factual record of the driving history of your applicant. This report will determine if the driver’s license is current and valid, as well as provide suspensions, revocations and traffic violations, including DUI and DWI. This information is obtained directly from the motor vehicle records department of each state.

Credit Reports

Will help you determine the applicant’s financial situation and payment responsibility.

A pre-employment credit report obtained from one of the 3 major credit reporting repositories will show the various credit lines, loans, outstanding balances and payment history. Previous addresses may be reported along with certain civil actions and bankruptcy information.

Workers’ Compensation Records

A search is conducted through the state worker’s compensation claims database to determine if the applicant has filed any claims. If claims are found, the following information will be reported: Date and type of injury, result of injury, claim amount, medical follow up and the employer the claim was filed against.

Military Verifications

An inquiry is made to the armed services personnel department to determine if a military service record exists for the applicant. Reported will be dates of service, rank, discharge and/or current status. Note this type of verification can take an extended time frame to complete.

Professional References

Can define the image of your applicants by those who really know them via professional and social relationships.

Will verify the applicant’s character, reliability, trustworthiness, competency, professional abilities and integrity.

License and Credential Verification

Verification of the validity and status of the applicant’s licensing, credentials or registrations.

The issuing authority is contacted to determine if the applicant holds a certificate, license or registration as a qualification in a particular field. The date and origin of issue is verified, as well as status, expiration and review, if available.

Drug Screening

Adhere to a strict substance abuse policy that will discourage users of illegal drugs from seeking employment within your organization. Test results in 24 hours. AIR offers 5, 8 or 10 panel drug testing performed either onsite or at the nearest lab to your facility or employee’s home. Both D.O.T and non-D.O.T are offered.

OIG Searches

Determine if an individual and/or entity is prohibited from doing business with or participating in any programs within and contracted to the Federal government.
The federal Medicare, Medicaid sanctions lists as well as the GSA sanctions list are searched to determine if your applicant has been identified and placed in disbarment by the federal government.

Homeland Security Watch List

A combination of 62 government sanctions, disbarment, security watch and terrorist lists.

Tenant Screening

A background investigation of a potential rental tenant. This typically includes a credit report with score and nationwide eviction database search. Also available for this investigation are criminal record searches, nationwide sex offenders search, previous landlord interview and employment verifications.

Annual Re-screening

What have they done in the past 12 months?

This program is recommended for all employees. Has your employee been arrested or had a court case as a result of a crime committed in the past year? Are they currently on probation? Has their driving record deteriorated? Yes, a lot can happen during the course of 12 months. The program offered is an annual review of the applicant’s criminal history, driving record and credit history. We offer this to our clients at a 25% discount to encourage continued safety of the workplace.

Exit Interviews

Exit interviews improve employee retention rate and identify problem areas that may be causing unnecessary employee turnover.

The use of a neutral third party can obtain more candid information from the departing employee. This information is valuable in determining if there are personnel or physical problems that are increasing the employee turnover rate. Examples can range from compensation issues, working conditions, company image to supervisor discord. This service is available through our web-based program or conducted by telephone interview.

NAIC Compliance – Third Party Biographical Affidavit Verifications

Third Party Biographical Affidavit Verifications are a vital component of the Uniform Certificate of Authority Application (UCAA) process. This is an in-depth background investigation required by most states for an industry that is regulated the state insurance/finance department. A.I.R. is one of only 21 background investigation companies approved by the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) to conduct independent third party biographical affidavit verifications.

Pre-employment Assessment Testing

Understanding the personality types and behavioral responses of job candidates can substantially enhance your candidate selection and pre-employment screening process. A pre-employment assessment test, which includes six categories, is used to determine whether or not an applicant is a good fit for a position.

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