Verifying Employment History

Verifying Employment History

An applicant may have a stellar resume, but when you do a bit of digging you could find out that they falsified employment information.

As a hiring manager, it is your job to make sure you hire the best applicants for the jobs. Unfortunately, people aren’t always truthful. An applicant may have a stellar resume, but when you do a bit of digging you could find out that they falsified employment information. Resume fraud is a rapidly growing problem, which makes verifying your applicants’ employment history essential.

Resume Fraud

The practice of falsifying resume information is nothing new. People have been doing it for years. They will put an incorrect date to cover a gap in their employment or exaggerate their experience level with certain things. It is estimated that around half of all resumes contain some kind of false information. Most common among the falsehoods are:

  • Listing a salary higher than what the applicant was paid.
  • Listing education or degree(s) that the applicant does not actually have.
  • An inaccurate description of the duties performed for an employer.

Background Checks to Verify Employment History

Typically, a background check will only uncover some falsehoods listed on a person’s resume. It will verify the applicant’s identity, employment history, and education history. An actual employment verification, however, goes a bit more in depth, including job titles, dates of employment, duties, salary, reason for leaving, and whether or not the applicant is eligible for rehire.

Knowing the Limits

While verifying employment history can tell you a lot about an applicant, there are certain details that cannot be revealed:

  • The applicant’s previous employer may only provide verifiable facts. Anything else is their opinion.
  • The turnaround time varies because sometimes it can be difficult to get in touch with previous employers.
  • If the business is no longer open or the employer is out of reach, the applicant’s history can’t be verified.
  • Applicants have the right to tell you that you do not have their permission to contact a previous employer about them.


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