What is Included in Employee Background Checks?

What is Included in Employee Background Checks?

Different types of background checks cover different things.

There are different types of background checks you can request. They can report different things, but many of them cover a few main things:

  • Identity Verification / Social Security Number Trace
  • Criminal History Data (records pulled from County, State, and Federal courts)
  • Sex Offender Information
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Pre-Employment Drug Test

What You Should Expect to See on a Report

Different agencies do things differently, so there can be some differences in how the information is presented. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) has standards in place to make sure these reports are straightforward and not confusing to read. As long as the agency is following FCRA rules, you can expect to see:

  • Unique Report Identification Number
  • Report Status (Pending, Canceled, Complete, etc)
  • Time Stamp of Date Requested
  • Time Stamp of Date Completed
  • Consumer Information
  • Identity Verification / Social Security Number Trace
  • Consumer Report Data
    • Criminal Check
    • Credit Check
    • Driver’s License Verification
    • Professional Reference Check
    • Employment and Education Verification
    • Additional Screens (where necessary)
  • Contact Information for Consumer Reporting Agency


The accuracy of the background checks can sometimes rely on the accuracy of the information obtained by hiring managers. This isn’t necessarily because an applicant is being disingenuous, although that does unfortunately happen. There are many reasons background checks can be mismatched. Does the applicant have any other aliases they have used in the past? Is their correct gender identified in the background check request? If the applicant has any other unique attributes, these may become useful should a mismatch occur. Some information requires a closer look to ensure its accuracy.


Depending on the type of background checks that were requested by the hiring manager and the applicant information that was supplied to the checking agency, the typical turnaround time on a background check is one to three days. Some things, such as identity verification, credit history, driver’s license records, and some criminal searches, are available instantly. When an agency has to gather information from courthouses, verify education, employment, and professional licensing, this can delay the report by about a day. Statewide criminal searches and drug screenings take longer, about three to five day.


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