A Brief History of Drug Testing


A Brief History of Drug Testing

Drug testing is an important tool in keeping your business a drug-free environment.

Drug testing is an important tool in keeping your business a drug-free environment. Drug use has reached epidemic levels in many parts of the United States. Naturally, businesses owners want to protect themselves and their businesses from drug users. This need for caution brought on some big changes in the hiring process: drug testing.

In the Beginning

Believe it or not, drug testing didn’t come about until the 1980’s. There was a plane crash and a particularly awful train crash that were both found out to be at least partially caused by operator drug use.

After the crashes, Congress passed the Omnibus Transportation Act of 1991. The main purpose of this law was to require that all employees of federally regulated employers be drug tested before they were allowed to operate heavy machinery.

Following the 1991 law, many drug-free workplace programs and incentives started popping up everywhere.

Game Changers

In the 80s and 90s, drug testing required lots of paperwork and took lots of time. The forms would have to be filled out and faxed, and sometimes even had to be mailed which was very, very slow then. The whole process could be extremely time-consuming. Technological advancements have made it possible for drug testing to be almost completely electronic.

Over the years, people have found many ways of falsely passing urinalysis drug testing. Fortunately, technology has also evolved enough to keep the tests reliable. Scientists have also found that different specimens can be used for testing. Saliva can be used for testing, but it has a relatively small detection window. Hair follicle testing can reliably detect drug use up to 90 days later.

Due to scientific and technological advancements, today’s business owners are able to take advantage of drug testing services to keep their businesses safe and drug-free.

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