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How do we get started?

Set up is quick and easy – we can have you ordering within minutes. All the necessary forms and instructions to get started can be found on our website or, if more convenient, we can e-mail them to you. Once we receive your completed service agreement, you are ready to begin ordering a background investigation. If you need help or have any questions, our courteous, professional staff can be reached during normal EST business hours.

Is there a fee to open an account?

No. If you will be requiring employment credit reports as part of your background screening program a onetime onsite inspection fee may be required.

Is there an annual fee?


How do we order a background request?

Background reports can be ordered via our web site, email or fax.

What do we need to order a background request?

The applicant’s full name, any known a.k.a. names, current address, social security number, birth date and a release signed by the applicant. If you don’t have your own release form, we have provided one for your convenience on our website. If your background investigation request includes employment and/or education verifications, we will also need the information you would like verified or a copy of your applicants application and/or resume.

Do you provide background checks nationwide?


Do you provide international background checks?


How long does the background investigation take?

1–3 days. Variables include court delays, response time from employers or schools, etc.

How long does a drug test take?

Usually the results are received within 24 hours from sample collection. An instant option is available.

Are the drug tests performed in at our location or offsite?

Onsite drug testing is available via an employer administered instant test or a standard lab test administered by an onsite specialist. Offsite testing is done at one of the 10,000 collection sites in our network. Within this network there should always be a collection site convenient to your location.

Are the results of the drug test reviewed by a medical professional?

Yes, all results are reviewed by a licensed Medical Review Officer.

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