Tips for Hiring Seasonal Employees

Seasonal Employees

Keep these things in mind when you’re hiring seasonal employees.

From the fall through the bustling holiday season, retailers will employ enormous numbers of seasonal workers to meet the holiday demands. In order to get stores through the holidays and ensure shoppers are satisfied during this extremely busy time of the year, stores everywhere simply must employ tons of seasonal employees. There are a number of things that business owners and managers should look for when hiring seasonal employees to ensure they are getting the best help possible to get them through the holidays. Here are a few tips for hiring seasonal employees this year.

Be Ready for High Volume Hiring

Many retailers will be hiring lots of seasonal employees this upcoming holiday season. This is sure to cause issues if your hiring process is not operating at maximum efficiency. Take a look at your hiring policies and processes to be sure you’re making the most of your time. This includes sorting out any kinks in your applicant screening procedures and making sure your sorting systems are prepared for a high volume of applicants. One helpful tool for seasonal hiring is an applicant tracking tool. This will help you to stay organized and consistent by keeping track of every application that comes your way this holiday season.


Seasonal employment is not unique to any retailers. Most of the big names in holiday retail offer great deals and promotions to their seasonal employees. Many even offer their seasonal hires a permanent position after the holiday season. When hiring seasonal employees, you should be prepared to compete with excellent seasonal job offers in order to remain competitive and appealing to applicants. Your business should stand out in some way in order to draw in the most quality applicants and ensure your ability to hire an effective workforce for the upcoming strain of the holiday shopping season.

Background Checks

Because of the stress that hiring seasonal employees at high volumes can cause, it may seem like the right time to skip certain hiring procedures that may only seem necessary for full-time permanent employees. While it may not make sense to have a seasonal retail employee fill out every form that a permanent employee may need to file, background checks are no place to skip steps. Theft and fraud are huge problems during the holiday season, and keeping your store reliable and trustworthy to customers plays a significant role in providing a good shopping experience. Be sure that your employees are not a part of the problem by conducting background checks through the proper channels.



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