The Importance of Employee Drug Testing

The importance of Employee Drug Testing

Keep drugs out of your business and your community by developing a drug screening policy.

A lot of companies require new employees to pass drug testing before they start work. These companies also have employees sign a contract upon hiring that states that they will take a random drug test whenever their employer asks. This policy is becoming more and more prevalent for many reasons.

It’s Better for the Community

The war on drugs is a real problem in today’s society. From small businesses to large corporations, everyone has a responsibility to fight it. Employee drug testing by companies doesn’t just benefit the company, it benefits the community. By only employing people who are drug free, they are keeping the area around them drug free. This is particularly useful in areas where drug use is especially prevalent.

Increase Employee Productivity

If a person has drugs in their system, they likely won’t be as productive as someone who is drug free. If that person is doing drugs doing work hours, they will be even more un-productive. Most illegal drugs affect users’ judgment and reaction time and can even increase risk-taking behavior. If an employee knows they will have to pass a drug test to keep their job, they will be less likely to do drugs. This ensures that work will be done safely and in a timely manner.

Minimize Health Costs

On average, a drug user costs four times more to insure than someone who is drug free. They are far more likely to be a danger to themselves and others, both on and off the job. If an employee is injured on the job, they are not eligible for workers’ compensation if they tested positive for drugs at the time of the incident. However, this rule does not apply if an employer doesn’t have a written and signed contract stating that the employee will adhere to the company’s drug and alcohol policy.

Prevent Drug Users from Applying

If a drug user knows there will be drug testing, they probably won’t even apply for a position. Drug testing also discourages existing employees from using illicit substances. If a company hires a habitual drug user and finds out about that use after the fact, finding someone new to fill the position could take a while. If the company tests all applicants before they are even hired, they are saved the time and expense of finding another eligible applicant.

Drug Testing from AIR Pre-Employment Services

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