Background Screening for Your Small Business

Background Screening for Your Small Business

Create a comprehensive background screening policy for your small business!

Owning a small business is not an easy thing. Unfortunately, people are seldom forthcoming about past criminal activity or other things that could hurt your small business. This is one of many reasons why background screenings are so important. As the owner of a small business, it is essential that you protect yourself, your business, and your other employees. A thorough background screening process can keep everyone involved with your small business safe!

Necessary Terminology

For you to really understand background screenings and how they work, you should first understand a couple of the terms involved:

Negligent hiring– Negligent hiring claims can be filed by an employee against their employer when they feel that the employer didn’t perform a thorough background screening on another employee. These types of claims are usually filed after one employee jeopardizes the safety of one or more of their co-workers or the company.

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)– This was put into place to regulate the use of background screening reports. If an employee believes there is false information on a report, the FCRA gives them the right to dispute the claim. This helps to ensure the accuracy of background screenings.

Pre-Adverse Action and Adverse Action– These FCRA terms are used to inform employees and prospective employees that their background screenings yielded negative results. If a business does not inform the applicant or employee of these types of results, the person can file non-compliance charges against that business.

Timing is Important

The first step is to come up with a plan. Know your business. What types of employees will you be hiring? Depending on individual job descriptions, some individuals may require deeper background screening than others. It is important to have a clear, well thought out, consistent hiring policy in place when you start to hire your small business employees. Make sure applicants are aware of the process too. Perhaps most importantly: make sure you obtain written consent for any background screening BEFORE it is ordered.


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