Background Screening for Arena and Stadium Employees

Background Screening for Arena and Stadium Employees

Background screening for arena and stadium employees is just as important as screening the players.

When you’re attending a concert, sports game, or other major event at a stadium or arena this summer, you’ll probably need to take a trip through a metal detector or open up your bags. You hear all kinds of stories of the screenings the players on various sports teams go through, but what about the vendors and employees who are providing security, serving food, and taking payments? Screening these employees is just as important as screening the players.

Unique Hiring Practices

Many stadiums and other large venues fill open positions by contracting with hiring agencies. Some positions will be filled by the venue itself and others will be outsourced. Since some organizations specialize in hiring people for certain positions, the venues choose to leave the hiring to the professionals. Most concessions, security, and parking lot personnel are hired this way.

For sports venues, the sports season may require the venue to hire a lot of staff in a short amount of time. These positions could be full-time, part-time, or seasonal. If a venue is required to hire a high volume of staff in a short amount of time, they may opt to skip background screenings because of expense and lack of time.

Challenges of Hiring Arena and Stadium Employees

Because hiring practices of these venues are so unique, they have their own unique challenges. Not only does background screening need to be done on employees that are hired directly by the stadium, but the hiring procedures of the contractors they hire need to be looked at as well. Venues should make sure that companies they do business with have screening policies that match those of the venue where they will be working.

Benefits of Background Screenings

Hiring managers have plenty of options for keeping staff and customers safe. At the very least, background screenings help to prevent:

  • General liability for damages or abuse of staff, property, and venue visitors.
  • Negligent hiring accusations or court proceedings if someone is hurt and an employee who was not screened properly was involved.
  • Theft of venue, sports team, or customer property

Job-Specific Background Screening for Your Venue

Job-specific background screenings are particularly well-suited to large venues because not every position requires the highest level of scrutiny. Security personnel and those who handle personal information will need deeper screenings than maintenance personnel. If you only have to do the more detailed screenings on certain employees, it can save you quite a bit of money.


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