Background Checks for Employees in the Healthcare Industry

Background Checks for Employees in the Healthcare Industry

It is essential that every person working in a healthcare facility be thoroughly screened.

If you’re in charge of a healthcare facility, you know that every job there is important. That facility is responsible for keeping people healthy in some capacity, whether it’s an urgent care facility, clinic, or even a hospital, each employee contributes to the health and safety of your community. This is why comprehensive background checks are especially important for healthcare employees.

Performing Background Checks

Everyone in the facility from temps and volunteers to physicians and surgeons should be thoroughly checked out. The best way to ensure the most thorough background checks for your healthcare facility is to partner with an experienced screening company. At AIR Pre-Employment Screening Services, our background check specialists will work hard to make sure you’re aware of every prospective employee’s history so that you can make safe, informed hiring decisions.

Work History

Before a background check begins, you must obtain the written consent of the applicant. Typically, you will get a resume from an applicant that will show the details of their work history. It is important to verify this information. It’s quite common for applicants to “fudge” these dates a bit to cover up gaps in employment. The applicant’s employment history can also tell you a lot about their experience level. Obtaining verification of work history gives you confirmation that the applicant really does have the experience that they say they have.

Training and Education

Every single healthcare job requires some training beyond high school, and most require training beyond a 4-year college degree. The more education someone says they have, the deeper you will need to go. Particularly when hiring doctors, you want to make sure that you’re hiring the best doctors so that your patients can get the best care possible.

Looking Forward

Even after the initial pre-employment background checks, it is important to re-check every so often. Many healthcare facilities hare a policy to check annually or every 2 years. There is a lot of highly sensitive information that gets handled in healthcare facilities so you want to ensure that information remains secure.


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