4 Things You Should Know about Fingerprint Screening

4 Things You Should Know about Fingerprint Screening

There are many benefits to using fingerprint screening as part of your company’s background checks.

There are many benefits to using fingerprint screening as part of your company’s background checks. In some industries, it is actually required. The FBI’s fingerprint database is widely considered to be the best place to run fingerprint checks. While the FBI’s database may be one of the largest, you should be aware that it’s not always the absolute best. It is, of course, one of the first databases you should check for fingerprint screening, but make sure you keep these facts in mind!

The Database is Not All-Inclusive

Unfortunately, there is no single database that holds up-to-date records of all of the country’s criminal offenses. The FBI’s database relies on updates being sent in, and unfortunately that doesn’t always happen right away, or in some cases, at all. This creates a relatively significant number of incomplete records. When using the FBI database for fingerprint screening, it should not be your only source for information. Always have a back-up, just in case.

Not Every Arrest Has a Set of Fingerprints

Whether or not someone is fingerprinted when they are taken into custody largely depends on the level and type of crime committed and the rules of the jurisdiction they are in. A lot of lower level offenses and misdemeanors don’t usually warrant fingerprinting. Only those crimes where fingerprints were taken will be in the FBI’s fingerprint database.

The Database was Not Actually Created for Screening Purposes

When the FBI created their fingerprint database, it was never with the intention that employers would be able to make sure an applicant’s criminal record was clean. For this reason, employers shouldn’t rely too heavily on it providing the desired results every time. There are other databases that can, and should, also be consulted.


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