Tenant Screening Tips for Today’s Economy

tenant screening services

Tenant screening services give you more confidence that you are renting to the right applicant.

In today’s economic climate, fewer and fewer people are looking for housing. With a smaller pool of prospective tenants to choose from, landlords often have to make difficult choices about who to accept as their new tenants. Many landlords turn to credit checks to determine the trustworthiness of applicants; however, this smaller pool of applicants often also has things like bankruptcy and foreclosures on their credit reports. Landlords are forced to decide whether to rent out their property without knowing the true trustworthiness of their tenants. Fortunately, tenant screening services do so much more than just a credit check, which leaves the landlord feeling more confident in their decision.

Previous Landlord Interview

The best way to learn about an applicant is to talk to their previous landlord. Tenant screening services include a landlord interview, so you can find out whether the applicant paid their rent in a timely manner, whether they got their deposit back, why they left, and other important details that may be essential to your decision-making.

Criminal Records Search

Criminals, especially those who commit crimes on the rental property premises, often move between rental properties to avoid detection from authorities. Some people may also attempt to hide from their parole or probation supervision by renting out a property, which can cause a lot of frustration for the landlord should they be discovered. You can avoid these unwelcome situations with a thorough criminal records search that is included in your tenant screening. We check state and national records to disclose your applicant’s true criminal history.

Nationwide Sex Offenders Search

It is legally not permissible to allow a sex offender to live in a neighborhood with children. People who are on a sex offender registry will often try to hide the fact with aliases or other lies. A nationwide sex offenders search combined with a criminal records search can give you a clear idea of whether or not the applicant is a reliable person to rent your property to.

Employment Verification

Everyone goes through tough times. Sometimes, an applicant has a gap in their employment history. If they are honest and upfront about it, it may be nothing to worry about. However, sometimes that employment gap is due to jail time or some other incident that the applicant doesn’t want you to know about. In these cases, it is common for applicants to lie about their previous employment dates in order to cover up a glaring gap. You can get the facts straight with employment verification that is included in tenant screening services.


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