Tenant Screening: Six Questions to Ask Potential Tenants

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Before signing on the dotted line, make sure this tenant is someone you want in your rental property.

From the first moment you speak to a potential tenant, you should begin your tenant screening process. This screening process isn’t just a background check and credit report, it is also questions that could reveal much more about your potential tenants than a report run by AIR Pre-Hire. These questions compounded by our reports will be able to avoid bad tenants from renting your property. Let’s take a moment to talk about some questions you should ask your potential tenants.

Why Are You Moving?

This question seems innocent enough but is an important one. Asking this questions could let you in on some red flags like a bad relationship with their current landlord or eviction. Be wary of tenants who complain about their current living situation. Look for potential tenants with legitimate answers like needing a larger space, a change in lifestyle, or a new job.

When Do You Plan to Move?

This question could give you insight on the tenant. If the tenant says “soon” or “next week,” this could indicate they are poor planners or irresponsible. Many responsible tenants would have their plans finalized a few weeks before their planned and organized move. A well-organized tenant will plan everything and be able to give their current landlord adequate notice.

What is Your Monthly Income?

This question will help to make sure you are not showing your property off to someone who can’t afford it. It is important your tenant makes at least twice as much as the rent is and that they are able to afford your move-in rates like deposits and first month’s rent. This will give you an indication of their financial situation.

Do You Have References from Former Landlords or Employers?

If this is the tenant’s first apartment, they may not have references. But for people with a long rental history, the tenant should be able to provide you with at least one reference. A former landlord will likely remember a bad tenant and give you a more honest answer than a current one who wants to get rid of the tenants. Ask the former landlord if they paid rent on time, respected the property, and why they moved.

How Many People Will Be Moving In?

This question is simple: the more people, the more wear and tear on the apartment. It could mean an adjustment in rent, security deposit, or even a restriction on the number of tenants moving in. Many states have a law against more than two people sharing a bedroom. You can also use this question to discuss your pet policy.

Will You Submit a Rental Application and Consent to a Background Check and Credit Report?

This question is straightforward but will help disqualify anyone that refuses to submit to these standard checks. If they won’t consent, it generally means they are hiding something or the credit isn’t good enough to rent your apartment. If your potential tenant is not willing to follow your screening process, they will probably end up as a nightmare tenant that you do not want in your property.

Screening tenants does not have to be stressful. Let AIR Pre-Hire help you choose the right tenant with our tenant screening service. For more information on our service, call AIR Pre-Hire today!


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