Questions to Ask a Tenants Previous Landlord

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Before signing on the dotted line, make sure this tenant is someone you want in your rental property.

Just like a professional resume, many rental applicants can look great on paper only to find out they are not a very good applicant at all. The best way for you to avoid some potentially troublesome renters is to request a reference check from a previous landlord. This reference check will help you screen out trouble and to choose a tenant who will treat your property well. So before handing over the keys, let’s check out some questions you should ask the previous landlord while you are waiting for your tenant screening report to come back.

Did the Tenant Take Good Care of the Property?

This question is important because you will want someone who will treat your property with respect. Ask the previous landlord if there was any damage caused during the tenancy beyond the normal wear-and-tear that is expected with renters. Renting to someone with a history of damage can be risky.

Was the Rent On Time and In Full?

It is important to find out how responsible a renter is. A resident who delivers the rent to you every month will make your job a lot easier than someone who makes partial payments or is always late. Avoid the hassle of late payments and warning notices by asking the previous landlord if they were punctual with their payments.

Did the Tenant Have Disruptive Behavior?

Even the most financially responsible resident can have disruptive behavior. Were there ever any noise complaints? Did the tenant have any pets? Don’t allow a disruptive tenant into your rental property to disrupt your entire building.

Would You Rent to This Tenant Again?

This is a very telling answer. If the answer is anything but “yes,” you may want to rethink renting to this person. This question will give you an idea if the candidate will be a good tenant for you or if you should think again before renting to them.

You may be stuck with this tenant for a year or more so be sure you check them out thoroughly before signing the lease. For more information on our tenant screening services, call AIR Pre-Hire today!

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