The Top 4 Lies Told By Hiring Candidates

interview lies

Be alert for hiring candidates who lie about their resume items.

Knowing what hiring candidates are most likely to lie about can help you to stay alert and catch these unreliable behaviors. Every employee makes a difference, and if a new employee has lied about their experience or skills, that can mean they leave a bad impact on your business. One survey reported that the cost of a bad hire can range anywhere between one to five times the individual’s salary. Not to mention all the time and effort that you’ll have to put forth to find a more suitable replacement. Avoid the frustration of a bad hiring decision by keeping your eye out for these common lies.

  1. Exaggerating Dates of Past Employment

Roughly one third of all applications contain discrepancies about past employment or education. Candidates often extend the dates of previous employment to cover gaps that they don’t want you to know about. For example, an applicant may say they worked at their last job for six months longer than they actually did to cover up a 6 month gap where they were serving jail time! Sometimes these discrepancies can be due to an honest mistake, but an employer should always take the extra step to verify that all the employment dates on an application are correct.

2. Falsifying Education Requirements

A hiring candidate may claim to have earned a degree when in reality they have only taken a few classes. Or, they may exaggerate an academic major to make it seem like they are more qualified for the job. Some candidates will even go so far as to forge diplomas or purchase degrees from degree mills. It’s essential that an applicant has the proper knowledge and training to take on a new job, so it is very important that they employer verify the education listed on a candidate’s application.

3. Inflating Salary or Job Title

Many applicants will exaggerate their previous salary or position in order to put themselves at a better advantage to negotiate for a higher starting salary. If they do not have the skills to merit a higher wage, then it is detrimental for you company to offer it. Make sure to contact the applicant’s previous employers to verify the salary information provided.

4. Concealing a Criminal Record

The main reason that most companies conduct background checks is to maintain a safe working environment. Some candidates will target smaller businesses because they assume that those businesses will not use a background check. They can try to trick an employer by changing dates, not disclosing criminal records, or changing minor information like their birth date or the spelling of their name, which makes it more difficult to research their information to verify it. However, a trained employee screening company knows how to look for these discrepancies.


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