Tips for Hiring a New Manager

hiring new manager

Out of all your choices, how do you know who will make the best manager?

Employee background checks are crucial for finding the right employees for your specific available positions. It’s even more important to find the right fit for a management position. Managers have more responsibility and handle sensitive jobs like counting and transferring money and directly interacting with clients and employees. Your manager is essentially a face for your business. It can be difficult to immediately put that much trust into someone you’ve only known for the duration of a one-hour interview. However, background checks can provide essential information that indicates the trustworthiness and reliability of your potential hires. By utilizing a background check, you can feel more confident in your decision.

A Safe Workplace

When hiring a new manager, it’s important to choose a person who will contribute to a safe work environment. Both employees and clients alike should feel safe and at ease with your new manager. A great way to gauge if your potential hire is safe is to conduct a criminal history check. Many times, hiring candidates will not disclose their criminal history. A criminal history helps you to know that your candidate is safe and reliable.

Financial Responsibility

Your new manager will likely be in charge of handling large sums of money. Are they trustworthy? Every year, businesses lose thousands of dollars to employee theft. Your new manager should not only be financially responsible themselves, they should also actively work to make sure that other employees are held to the same standards. A credit check can help you to gauge how your candidate handles their own finances, which will give you more confidence when you allow them to handle yours.

Multi-Site Management

You may be hiring a new manager to maintain more than one work site. Or perhaps your manager will have to drive to the bank to make a deposit for the company. It’s imperative that your new manager has a valid driver’s license and a good driving record. A background check can confirm this information for you so that you know your new manager will be the right person for the job.


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