Six Reason Why You Should Use Drug Testing

Drug testing

How will your employees score on their drug test?

Drug testing is an invaluable resource for companies who are looking for a safe and healthy employee base. But for some reason, many employers still resist implementing a drug testing system in their business. If you are thinking about starting a drug-free workplace policy, this blog is for you. Let’s take a look at six reasons why you should use drug testing in your company.

Maintain Productivity

Drug testing may be able to help you with any concerns you have about productivity. With the economy the way it is, it is almost impossible for an employer to keep someone on their staff who is less than productive. A drug test will help ensure everyone in your company is pulling their own weight and are not on drugs.

Helping the Community

Testing your employees can not only benefit your company but the community as a whole. Getting people to stop drugs is not just a company or a community issue, but is an issue overall. All segments of society must address these issues overall and it begins with a single test.

Protect Employees and Customers

Workers on drugs can mean danger for your employees, clients, and the company’s image. Not only can it mean safety hazards and health problems for everyone involved, it can also ruin your business if your reputation gets damaged.

Contain Health Care Costs

It is estimated that people with drug problems incur more than four times the medical expenses of the average person. With more doctor visits and hospital stays, you may end up paying more for your employee health care than is normal. But some state workers’ compensation laws can actually deny overages if the injury of these accidents are the result of illicit drugs or alcohol. However, to get this denial, drug testing must be in place.

Deter and  Rehabilitate

If drug users know the company is making an effort to be drug-free, they may be more likely to refrain from using the drugs in the first place. But this deterrent may only help if you offer rehab for those who really need it. Drug testing can be constructive and even life-saving if it is accompanied by rehabilitation.

There are many different things you should think about implementing in your business and drug testing is just one of them. For more information on implementing drug testing, call AIR Pre-Hire today!


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