The Rise In Temporary Employees


The rise of the temporary employee.

Lately, there has been a trend towards hiring temporary or part-time workers. Since the financial crisis, temporary employees have dramatically increased.

Businesses Want Fewer People

More and more companies are cultivating an environment that warrants greater flexibility with fewer and fewer people. Work has become centered on projects in order to further simplify the work needed to be done by employees. This creates work that is faster, cheaper, and more productive for the company to procure. These days, technology helps provide a reorganizing of current jobs to match the fast-paced rate of innovations.

Have People Been Commoditized?

Although many businesses are still looking for ways to streamline their employee’s jobs, they have not reached the level of simply commoditizing employees. Now, the ways that skills, knowledge, and expertise are used in the workforce has changed for employees. For most companies the hiring process is no longer about who is the best permanent fit for their company, it is now about who can produce the correct information in the specified amount of time to reach the end result desired by the company. If a company can get value from a temporary employee by having to only hire them for a specified amount of time, they will likely do so, since it saves them money when the project is finished and they no longer have that extra payroll expense. If a company can tweak a process to allow for temporary employees, outsourcing, or other automation services, they most likely will do that because it can only benefit them to outsource where they can.

Are Temporary Employees The New Normal?

As it turns out temporary employees might become the new normal. When smart businesses can turn to temporary employees to produce quality work more and more companies will hop on the bandwagon. The problem for employees is that now they are in a field of skilled workers who are all looking for temporary or part-time work. The way for employees to be able to get more lucrative jobs even as temporary employees is to become more valuable. By investing in gathering skills and knowledge in their respective fields temporary employees really could become the employee of the future.


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