What is an OIG Search?

OIG Search

When it comes to an OIG search, choose compliance with the Federal government.

AIR Pre-Hire performs OIG searches, which means that we determine if your hiring candidate is prohibited from doing business with or participating in any programs within the Federal government. If you are hiring for a position within a company that is owned by the Federal government, then you will want to conduct an OIG search to make sure that you are hiring viable candidates. Here is how an OIG search works.

What Does an OIG Search Mean?

“OIG” stands for “Office of Inspector General”. This is who updates the list of individuals who are disbarred by the Federal government. When we conduct an OIG search, we use the List of Excluded Individuals and Entities, or LEIE. This list helps us to determine if your hiring candidates or current employees are excluded. It is possible for an individual to become reinstated, in which case their name is removed from the LEIE. There are two types of exclusions in the LEIE.

  • Permissive exclusions: These exclusions occur in a case where the OIG has discretionary authority to exclude certain individuals from participation in Federal programs. In the case of health care, the reasons for exclusion can include unlawful manufacture or distribution of controlled substances, lack of professional competence or financial integrity resulting in suspension of a license, submission of fraudulent claims to a Federal health care program, and defaulting on an education loan or scholarship obligations.

  • Mandatory exclusions: These exclusions occur in a case where the OIG is required by law to exclude certain individuals from participation in Federal programs. These reason can include conviction of fraud, patient abuse or neglect, felony convictions, and theft or other financial misconduct.

Why is an OIG Search Important?

If you hire an individual who is on the LEIE, knowingly or not, you may be subject to civil monetary penalties (CMP). In order to protect yourself from a CMP liability, it’s important to conduct OIG searches regularly for both prospective hires and current employees.


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