What to Look for in a Good Employee?

Finding a good employee

Sometimes being the most qualified candidate doesn’t mean they will make a good employee.

While a background check is an important part in hiring your ideal candidate, a clean check will not turn a bad employee into a good one. In order for your business to find just the best employee possible, you will have to hold quite a few interviews. So while you are preparing for you next round of interviews, let’s take a look at what characteristics you should be looking for and what questions you should ask in order to get to know these aspects of your potentially good employee.


One of the most important things you should be looking for in a good employee is passion. An employee who is passionate about their work will be more likely to stay with your company when times get hard. But what about whenever candidate in your interviews look and act passionately? It is then your job to separate fake passion for the real. To do this, ask questions that require examples like “give an example of things you have done in previous positions that demonstrate your willingness to work hard” or “tell me about a time you had to defend an organization or group you belong to. How did you do it and what was the response?”. These questions will help you discover which candidate is passionate about life and about their work.

Communication Skills

Companies are built on employees working together and communicating. This communication isn’t just expressing ideas but is also listening to others and responding effectively. While you do get a sense of the candidates’ communication skills during the interview, it is also important to ask questions about when they were able to communicate effectively or when they had to explain things to people.


Business is unpredictable and often changing so it is important to find an employee who can adapt along with your business. Good employees need to be able to adapt to every situation at a moment’s notice in order to grow with your business. Ask your candidates to describe a personal change they had to make in the last few years and how they dealt with the change.


Along with adaptability, it is important for your employees to have some creativity. This trait isn’t just for your creative team members; it also relates to each of your employees’ ability to think creativity. Whether they need to think of a new slogan for a product or a creative solution for a problem, these employees are invaluable. Be sure to ask your candidates about a time they made some creative suggestions to their previous boss and how they generate ideas.

These traits and questions will help you choose an employee who will be loyal to your company. For more information on hiring a good employee, call AIR Pre-Hire today!

Choosing a Good Employee with AIR Pre-Hire

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