Kicking Off Your Fall Job Search

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Before applying for a bunch of jobs this fall, kick off your job search right with a customized resume.

The idea of fall brings to mind beautiful leaves, warm beverages, and cozy afternoons. But they can also conjure a sense of panic as many job hunters realize that the year is almost over. As the holidays draw closer, many companies will stop hiring for the year during this holiday season. If you plan on changing jobs before the New Year rings in, it is definitely time to kick off your job search. Let’s take a look at some tips for kicking off your fall job search.

Think About Where You Want to End Up

One of the most important things you can do before diving into your job search is to think about where you want to end up. Whether it is closer to your dream job or just closer to your home, you should have an idea before you start applying. You should also start assessing what you are looking for in a job as well as what type of work you want to do and why. After you identify your ideal job, think about your current job and what you like about it and what would make you happier not to deal with. Once you have your motivation and goals set out, it is time to network.

Networking Skills

Once you have a plan, it is time to network. So as you dive into your job search, make sure you are spending time tailoring your resume and cover letters to each employer. But you should also keep in mind that humans do most of the hiring, not computers. Take advantage of job fairs, alumni mixers, and community events to help propel your job search. Start with the basics like professional associations, conferences, and popular industry hang-outs for people in your dream field. Start by striking up a conversation. Over time, you may make some contacts in the companies you are applying to and they may be able to send your application along to the person in charge of hiring. These contacts may even become your references down the line.

Optimize Your Best Hours

While it is often said looking for a job is a full-time job, this is unrealistic. Many job hunters are not able to spend all day searching for listings and submitting resumes without getting burnt out quickly. The key to getting a full-time job is to hone in on the search when you are at your best and won’t be interrupted. Use your lower energy times to research companies, organize and update application materials, and prepare for interviews. When you have average energy levels, take the time to network and make follow-up calls. When you have high energy and are feeling confident, start applying for jobs.

Get Some Enthusiasm

While it can be tough to drum up some enthusiasm when you have written 25 different cover letters, but it is important to dig down deep and find some. Staying positive is key when searching for your dream job. If you need help, just visualize yourself in your dream scenario: jetting off to Paris for a business meeting or climbing the corporate ladder as a TV executive. You should visualize where you want to be and go for it. Getting into the mindset that you will get your new job will help you actually achieve it.

Starting a new job can be intimidating. But if you have the right motivation, you will get your dream job. For more job tips, check back for our weekly blogs.