How to implement the employee assessment testing into the hiring process

The advantages of employee evaluation assessment testing.

Learn how you can reap the benefits of employee assessment testing.

As the job market becomes more competitive and employee retention becomes more expensive, hiring the right employees is critical to the health and profit of an organization. To make the hiring process easier for your company, it is important to implement employee assessment testing to get the most out of your talent pool. When using good practices and hiring strategies, you will have the opportunity to streamline your hiring process, while making effective hiring decisions.

By taking advantage of employee assessment testing, you can help your company filter out job applicants who may not be good employees for your organization. Some questions employee assessment testing can help your company answer are the following:

  1. When to use employee assessment testing on job candidates.

  2. The volume of employee assessment testing necessary to find the right job candidates

  3. How to score job applicants

It is a good idea to use employee assessment testing during times you will need to measure job abilities and work skills, while comparing job candidates to each other. Defining the job abilities and traits necessary to satisfactorily perform job tasks are useful employee assessment testing.This type of testing is given to job applicants after they have read the job description and decided they have the critical thinking skills and learning abilities to do the job and do it well. If they don’t meet basic job expectations, they will know they did not get the job because another employee candidate was more qualified. By implementing the employee assessment testing at your company, you will also improve the work productivity of your human resource department by spending less time reviewing job resumes from unqualified applicants. You can even use remote testing on job candidates for initial screening.

By properly implementing employee assessment testing, you will have quality decision data to find the right candidates for your business. Written and oral examinations are common employee assessment testing and the advantages of these types of testing include:

  • Effectively screening applicants for the employee traits the organization needs for specific job duties.

  • Making fairer hiring decisions when there are many job applicants.

  • Having access to otherwise inaccessible information about job applicants.

Cognitive testing can help you assess the reasoning skills of job applicants. Integrity tests will help you find out information on the likelihood a job candidate will do certain actions throughout employment. A personality test could help you decide which applicant is the most dependable or cooperative. There are endless possibilities for finding what you need to know about job candidates by using employee assessment testing and Air Pre-Hire is here to help you access the information you need and want with budget-friendly, valuable and reliable testing.

By understanding the personality traits and behaviors of your job candidates, you can enhance the effectiveness of your candidate selection and pre-employment screening with our six categories of pre-employment assessment testing. Learn more about finding applicants who are a good fit for your company by taking a further look into our employee assessment testing services today.


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