Hiring Tips For Small Businesses

hiring tips small businesses

Choosing the right candidate for the position can make all the difference in a small business.

Hiring is one of the most important steps to creating a successful business. It’s important to choose the right people for the job, and to choose those people correctly the first time. Whether you are paying a recruiter, a hiring manager, or yourself to hire new employees, there’s a very important cost per employee, or CPE, that needs to be taken into account. The time you spend on searching for, interviewing, and hiring a new employee is worth money. If you don’t hire the right employee the first time, it costs roughly 20% of an annual salary to replace an old employee with a new one. Make sure you are hiring strategically and efficiently by following the tips below.

Be Clear About the Role

Most people search for jobs online using sites like Monster and Linkedin. This means that they’ll be searching for specific keywords related to the types of jobs they can do. So, if you are hiring a new intern but you title your job listing as “Happiness Coordinator”, it may make your company sound hip and fun, but it’s not likely that many qualified individuals will find your listing.

Fish Where the Fish Are

What position are you hiring? If you’re in tech, swing by a hackathon or a demo day. If you’re hiring sales, attend a trade show. Going to look for potential new employees who are already working in their fields is a great way to see them displaying their talent in a natural environment. This may prove to be more telling to an individual’s abilities than an interview alone could ever be.

Offer Flexibility

In today’s hectic modern society, being able to offer a flexible daily schedules is a huge bonus to most people. Not being required to be in the office for a set, inflexible amount of hours frees up your employees to run important personal errands and make up the work when they are free. This creates a more relaxed work environment that promotes employee well-being. Plus, when your employees are happy, their productivity increases. It’s a win-win!

Highlight Your Values

Specific skills required for a position can always be taught and perfected. After all, that’s what growing with a position is all about. However, you want to make sure that your new hire’s attitude fits in with your company culture. Make your values clear at the onset. If an employee doesn’t seem like the right fit, chances are it will be harder to change their attitude than to teach them a few new skills.


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