What Hiring Managers Should Look For When Applicants Disclose Criminal Record Information

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Hiring a great employee starts with a secure criminal search.

Selecting the perfect person to hire for a specific job can be a very overwhelming process. In fact, hiring managers must be able to discern their gut feelings from the actual facts and information provided by a criminal history search. As a result, there are a ton of things that hiring managers need to understand when something comes up in a criminal record search for a potential applicant.

What Is Included In A Criminal Search?

Criminal record searches vary in their scope. There are criminal records that span the gamut from state and local histories to larger, national criminal databases. As a result, hiring managers should be knowledgeable and informed about these differences before embarking on criminal searches for their potential employees. In fact, specific positions may require stricter criminal history searches than others. For the most part, criminal records have a great array of information that benefits hiring managers such as:

  • Verifying a potential employees’ name, and date of birth
  • Any warrant or arrest information
  • Physical characteristics such as race, height, and weight

However, some employees have the ability to expunge some of their criminal histories. As a result, you may be missing out on some minor crimes that these potential applicants may have been convicted of.

The Big Question: Can You Require An Applicant To Disclose Their Criminal History?

Ideally, all hiring managers want to get the most information that they can about a potential employee. Providing a safe environment for all employees is a top priority for hiring managers everywhere. As a result, some states and federal law give hiring managers permission to request and ask for any arrest or conviction history before employing a potential candidate. Employers should always individually assess all candidates before hiring someone new.

What If The Background Check Reveals A Criminal History?

Typically, a background check is conducted after the offer of employment has been accepted. As a result, finding a criminal record in a potential employee must be weighed heavily depending on the nature and time since the crime was committed.


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