Hiring Manager Etiquette versus Job Candidate Etiquette

interviewing etiquette

When going to interview for a job, there are certain pieces of etiquette you should know.

Every job blog talks about the etiquette of the job candidates. The do’s and don’ts of interviews, cover letters, applying for positions, follow up calls, and of accepting a position. But not much is said about the etiquette of a hiring manager. First impressions are not just for the candidates to make on the hiring managers and the office staff but these impressions are also what the candidate will take away from the company and its managers. Let’s talk about some etiquette tips for both the hiring manager and the candidates.

Hiring Manager Etiquette

Many applicants know hiring managers have a lot going on during their daily lives, but a little courtesy goes a long way toward making a good impression on the candidates. When designing your job post, it is important to be as specific as possible. If you are looking for someone with specific requirements like a Master’s degree, make sure you put that in the qualifications. If you would only like to be contacted a certain way, like through emails or a job board, be specific instead of just ignoring phone calls. Give an accurate description of the position during the job post, not just in the interview. It can be frustrating to apply for a bunch of jobs and never hear back from them. Make sure to include a cut-off for applications and a specific timeframe the candidate should or shouldn’t expect to hear back about an interview. The hiring process is where a lot of managers seem to be disorganized, waiting until the last minute to finalize questions, tests, and other pre-qualifying methods. Get organized so your candidate feels guided through the process. On average, a hiring manager will interview a total of four to six candidates for each position. Take a time to leave each applicant with a good impression of your company by writing them a few notes on their interview as well as some personalized feedback instead of just the generic “apply again next time” reply.

Job Candidate Etiquette

Every job candidate has been tempted to apply for something they just aren’t qualified for. The first things many employers see of a candidate is their cover letter and resume. Not sending a cover letter is like not introducing yourself to someone for the first time and just launching into a conversation. A cover letter will be your introduction to the hiring manager, telling them about some of your past experiences and why you are qualified for the position. Don’t just give them a generic letter, send every hiring manager a unique letter explaining your past duties and why you would fit in with their company. When responding to emails and phone calls, be sure to be as prompt and polite as possible, referring to the hiring manager by Mr. or Ms. During a phone call, be sure to limit the background noises as much as possible to ensure you are understood perfectly. During an interview, dress appropriately for the position at hand and make sure you have done your research on the company and are familiar with the position. Be sure to follow up with the interviewer after the interview no more than two days afterward. This will help them know you are still extremely interested in the position and feel confident about your performance in the interview. Always be courteous, even if you do not get the position as this person is now a contact.

Interviewing for a position is always difficult no matter what side of the desk you are sitting on. But with a little etiquette, you will find the perfect position and the perfect candidate. For more information on interview etiquette, call AIR Pre-Hire today!

Interview Etiquette WITH AIR PRE-HIRE

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