How to Hire for a Changing Work Environment

changing work environment

Great employees will quickly adapt to a changing work environment.

Industries change quickly; it can be hard to predict the skills a candidate will need to have if they stay in the job for several years. The best way to hire a great candidate is to look for someone who is adaptive and a quick learner. Here are a few qualities to look for to help you find the right candidate for your changing work environment.


A great candidate will be adaptive. A changing work environment means that the employee will have to change along with it. Ask for examples of a time when something in the workplace changed and how the candidate handled it. Look for candidates who react quickly, help others get onboard with changes, and even initiate the changes themselves.

Team Player

One of the most important qualities to have in a changing work environment is the ability to work as a team. A company can only succeed in a rapidly changing field if all employees move along with the changes. This means that your prospective employee will have to be adaptive to changes as well as help others learn and help with group projects.


A sign of an adaptive employee is that they will never stop learning. Even in the interview, the right candidate will be asking questions and gathering intel. An inquisitive employee will do everything they can to learn about your business and the industry, which gives them a leg up on spotting market problems before they form.

Learns from Mistakes

Many people are taught to fear making a mistake because it’s interpreted as a lack of ability. However, really great employees will make mistakes and learn from them. Making a mistake once can be an opportunity to discover new and more efficient methods. Ask your hiring candidate about their mistakes, how they handled them, and what they learned.


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