Why Do I Have Such a High Turnover Rate?

high turnover rate

Are you stressed out from having to constantly interview, hire, and train new people? It’s time to figure out how to retain employees with the help of an exit interview.

Oftentimes, companies are clueless about what factors are contributing to their high turnover rates. If your company has a high employee turnover rate, you can diagnose the root of the problem by conducting an exit interview with a third party interviewer. There are several tangible and beneficial results that can come from conducting exit interviews.

Saves Money

Researching your business’s strengths and weaknesses is valuable but also costly and time-consuming. Conducting exit interviews is a great way to learn about how to improve your business without expending too much time and money.

Accurate Feedback

Many companies conduct yearly surveys to gauge morale and engagement. However, currently employed workers may not provide accurate information on these surveys for fear of repercussions. Because exit interviews involve a third party, the feedback received is more likely to be honest and helpful. You can also receive honest feedback on the work environment that you otherwise wouldn’t get from currently employed workers. You may assume that your employees are happy because you never hear any complaints, but there may in fact be problems with management or other issues that impede employees from making honest complaints. An exit interview can provide you with honest, useful information about the working environment so that you can make changes to make your employees happier.

Decrease Turnover, Increase Retention

The ultimate goal of the exit interview is to obtain valuable information that you can use to make improvements to the workplace and thus decrease employee turnover and increase employee retention. Once your employees are truly happier and more engaged, you will save money not only in the costs of hiring and training new employees but also in the rate of current employee productivity. Exit interviews are essential for accessing your employee’s true point of view and making lasting and worthwhile changes to your work environment.


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