A Handy Guide For Choosing The Best References To Land You The Job

job references

Finding a job reference can be a difficult task.

The final stretch of any interview process will most often involve gathering a list of references for your new potential employer to review. And most employers request that you present them with a full list of references swiftly. So instead of having to scramble to find names, numbers, and a host of other descriptors, there are ways to become prepared for when the time comes to hand over a list of your references.

Who Should You List As A Reference?

In most cases, your future employer wants to talk to your current manager or supervisor. Some may want to talk with your former managers or supervisors, your current peers or clients, prior peers and clients, and personal references. Personal references are seldom used because in a professional environment you want to showcase that aspect of you. No employer really cares that you volunteer at an animal shelter, but when you are in a bind and low on other types of references, having some personal references may just do the trick. Ideally, you want to reserve your personal references for only those instances where you are unable to gather more professional references.

Always remember that the whole reason your future employer is interested in speaking with references is to obtain information about your on-the-job behavior and attitude. You may be able to describe your accomplishments all day long. But until a third-party can verify and vouch for you, no employer will be able to hire you on your word alone.

Avoid Putting Your References On Your Resume

Your resume is a paper depiction of your work achievements. By placing your reference on your resume, you are simultaneously taking up precious space that should be used to highlight all your accolades. There is absolutely no need to hand over your references before you begin to captivate your future employer.

How To Ask Someone To Be Your Reference

A simple email request is almost always the best way to approach asking someone to serve as a reference for you. Finally, prepare an email request that includes the detail of the position you are interviewing for. Give some examples of what your potential employer may be asking for your reference. Most importantly, this will allow your reference time to get prepared and knowledgeable about your skills and abilities.


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