Great Interview Questions to Ask Your Hiring Candidates

interview questions

The best interview questions will incite creative and revealing answers.

There are some interview questions that are all-too-familiar. The classic “Tell me about yourself” is a popular one, as is “What is your biggest weakness?” While these questions reveal essential information about your job candidates, they’re also likely to incite a canned, prepared response. To really get to know your potential hires, your interview questions have to be spot-on and revealing. Here are a few great questions to ask your potential  hires.

“How would you contribute to the company?”

This is a great question, because it not only reveals the depth of your hiring candidate’s research, it also gives your candidate a chance to explain their value and set themselves apart from the competition. When interviewing candidates, it’s easy for everyone to sound the same, especially when the questions are the same questions that every hiring manager asks. A revealing question like this one will make promising candidates stand out while unprepared candidates are easy to spot.

“If you could start your career all over again, what would you do differently?”

This question is an improved version of the “what are your strengths/weaknesses” question because it supplements strengths and weaknesses with examples from past experience. This question will get a candidate to talk about major decisions they have made and responsibilities they’ve had. Most importantly, this gives you an opportunity to see the candidate’s ability to learn from past experience to make calculated decisions in the present.

“What motivates you?”

This is a great question to help you ascertain whether the candidate’s personal motivations are in line with the company. If they are, then it will be easy for this candidate to keep consistent standards that are in line with the company’s goals. It will also be easy to find ways to keep the candidate motivated and help them to feel appreciated. If the candidate is motivated by things that are not in line with your company’s vision, then it may prove very difficult for the candidate to be effective in your particular workplace.


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