Everything You Wanted To Know About Drug Screening

drug screening

Screening applicants for drugs is very important.

The candidate has a flawless resume. The interview was amazing. And now as an employer, you want to make sure that this potential employee undergoes a drug screening. There are many reasons why employers should use pre-employment drug screening measures as part of their hiring process.

Why Should Employers Invest In Pre-Employment Drug Screening?

No matter the job type, illicit drug use can be very dangerous for employers. Drug use facilitates extremely negative patterns of behavior and causes low productivity. In fact, employers can see a significant decrease in profits if they have an employee who has taken any sort of illegal drug. Drug use can easily affect a person’s concentration and focus. Therefore, being aware of a potential employee’s drug use is a critical aspect of any hiring process.

Two Different Drug Tests

All employers need to understand that there are two different drug screening tests available. A 5-panel and a 10-panel. Obviously, the 10-panel drug screening tests for more illicit substances than the 5-panel. However, depending on the type of job or position the candidate is applying for, you may need one or the other. It is really up to specific employers to implement whichever test they desire.

What Every Employer Needs To Do

Although you may have conducted a pre-employment drug screening on all of your current employees it is important for employers to continue to monitor the drug use of their employees. In fact, employers have the right to conduct randomized drug tests which can provide them with some valuable information. Furthermore, employers have the ability to request a drug screening test at any random time. This way they are catching their employees off guard and protecting their business from any potential harm caused by illicit drug use.

By streamlining the hiring process to incorporate drug screening, you can protect your business. In addition, by continuing to monitor your employees regularly you ensure that you are creating a very safe working environment for everyone.


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