Everything Employers Should Know About Pre-Employment Drug Screening


Conducting a pre-employment drug screening for all potential employees is important.

The resume was perfect. The interview went phenomenally. The offer is right around the corner. However, there there needs to be a drug-screening procedure conducted first so that an employer or HR manager can ensure that the potential employee really is the ideal candidate for the position. Here is everything employers need to know about drug screening their employees.

Pre And Post Employment Drug Screening

Depending on the type of job and required duties, illicit drug use can cause severe problems in productivity and overall work performance. In fact, having employees that are not screened for drugs can have a significantly negative impact on the overall business. As a result, employers should always consider implementing a drug screening policy for potential applicants and having regular drug testing in place to ensure that even current employees are serving the company in a positive way, Drug use can severely affect employees judgment and overall concentration. In the end, it is critical that business owners and employers alike maintain a clean and drug-free environment so that everyone is doing their best work.

A False Negative Drug Test

There are certain ways that employees can pass a drug test. That is why it becomes so critical that employers understand the various drug tests available to conduct. Once employers and HR managers become familiar with the various drug screening options to choose from it can allow them to find the optimal drug test that will alleviate any false negatives that may occur.

What Can Employers Do

While employees will always find a way to avoid submitting to a drug test, employers can really serve their business by conducting regular, random drug tests. With a short period of notice time, employers reduce the risk of any employee cheating the drug test and get the best results as well as the best employees working for their company.


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