What Employers Should Know About A Social Security Trace

social security trace

Understanding social security traces is easier than you think!

A social security trace, commonly known as an alias search, is a standard aspect of any background screening process. In fact, employers often don’t fully understand the benefits and limitations that come with a social security trace. Here is some valuable information that every employer needs to know about an alias search.

What Is A Social Security Trace?

A social security trace is a search that can provide employers with valuable information regarding a potential employee. In fact, a social security trace will provide employers with a prospective employee’s name, address, history, and movement patterns. All this information is obtained based on the individual’s social security number. Furthermore, an alias search is a wonderful investigative tool for employers. Since social security traces provide employers with names and addresses that may have been withheld or simply not disclosed by the potential hire. Alias searches serve a key role in verifying information about your potential employee.

What A Social Security Trace Is Not?

The important thing that employers need to understand is that alias searches only provide information based on the social security number provided. This means that a social security trace cannot verify if the social security number matches the potential employee. In fact, because social security traces gather information from all over, the information could easily be inaccurate, incomplete, or belonging to a completely different person. Therefore, it is essential to take all these elements into consideration when employers are considering a social security trace as part of a background search.

Why This Information Is Critical For Employers

There are a variety of benefits for using social security traces. In fact, most criminal searches may leave out extremely valuable criminal history information on an applicant. Since there is no one specific court that contains all the criminal history on everyone, conducting a social security trace can help you find hidden criminal history on a potential applicant.


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