Developing the Perfect Online Job Post

Job post

Before sending your job post, make sure you are writing the right one.

When crafting an online job post, it can be difficult to portray all of the information about the company and your position into the small space. The key is to give your candidates only the information they need that will make them apply for the position. When developing a job post, there are some things you should keep in mind. Read on to find out what these things are!

Make it Clear

Not matter where you post your job ad, it is important to make it as clear and concise as possible. Your online job post will serve as a checklist for both you and your candidate. Your advertisement should be specific about the required job experience, job skills, education, and skills desired while providing potential applicants with an honest description of the job. You should also talk about compensation, location, benefits, and the company culture. Explain to your potential employees why they would like working for your company. Talk about the perks and the culture but be realistic about the work they will be doing.

Make it Consistent

Online job boards like CareerBuilder recommends including four different elements in your job posts. The first thing you should include is a description of the position and job requirements. This will help the potential candidate to know if they are capable of doing the job. Next, give an explanation of the specific duties involved. What will they be doing on a daily basis? What about a weekly or monthly basis? Then write a brief, appealing description of the company. What is the culture like? Is it a collaborative position and a creative culture or will they be working on their own most of the time? Finally, describe the benefits and intangibles of the position. Are there bonuses available? How about company activities or health benefits and 401K? These are all descriptions that will encourage people to apply for your position. At the end of every description, make sure to include a call to action telling the person to apply.

Being concise, clear, and consistent about your job post will help you hire the best employee for your company. For more information on hiring a great employee, call AIR Pre-Hire!

Developing the Perfect Job Post WITH AIR PRE-HIRE

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