How to Choose Job References

job references for a new job interview

When applying for a position, make sure you pick out the right job references.

As a hiring manager sifts through resumes and interview notes trying to make a decision, it is often what other people have to say about the candidate that puts them in the “yes” or “no” pile. References serve as a powerful tool during the hiring process. These relationships tell the hiring manager what you have truly accomplished and what you are like to work with. But when choosing your job references, how do you choose the best ones? Let’s take a look at some rules you should follow when choosing your job references.

Think Carefully Before Selecting References

When choosing a job reference, it is important to think about the type of references you are looking for. Do you want someone who will speak highly of your work ethic or someone to talk about your personality to the employers? Just like you change your cover letter and resume when applying for different positions, it is also important for you to change your references. Choose your references to fit the job you have applied for. The most effective references are those who have had the opportunity to experience your personality and witness your accomplishments fire-hand. But this doesn’t mean you have to choose a former boss to serve as a reference. You can ask a mentor, college professor, previous co-worker, or professional colleague. Just remember to choose someone you have interacted with through professional relationships.

Ask for Permission

Never use a reference without asking for their permission. This is an important thing to remember. Regardless of how you perceived your relationship with the individual, it is important to ask because not everyone is comfortable giving recommendations for employment opportunities.

Collect Your Important Details

Once you have asked people to be your job reference, it is important to get their information. Write down their full name, current title, phone number, email, and work address for future reference.

Keep References Informed During the Job Search

We all go through bouts of looking for a job and not looking for one. But when you activate your job seeker status and start to actively look for a position again, make sure to inform your references so they can expect to get phone calls or emails. When a job application calls for a reference, follow up with your reference so they are prepared to answer questions.

Job references can be an essential tool for job seekers as well as for employers. For more information on gathering your references or our job reference verification service, call AIR Pre-Hire today!

Choosing a Job Reference WITH AIR PRE-HIRE

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