The Best Way To Conduct An Exit Interview

exit interview

The benefits of an exit interview.

Ever wish you had the magic spell that would make conducting an exit interview easier? What could you have done to make that employee stay? Conducting a proper exit interview will actually bring a ton of benefits to your company. A great exit interview will let you know how to maintain good experiences and avoid the bad ones.

Employee Perspective

For many employees, an exit interview is one of the last deep conversations they have within the company. As such, it is their chance to really give a heartfelt review of the company, from the day-to-day atmosphere to the structure. A great exit interview will allow the leaving employee to give an honest review of their participation and knowledge of the company and how to facilitate a better working environment for all current and future employees. When both the employee and employer focus on the contributions made by the employee, it makes everyone more relaxed and establishes a positive environment for the employee to feel comfortable to express themselves openly and honestly.

Plan The Meeting

Ideally, you want to schedule a one-on-one in-person meeting with the employee. Most employees appreciate when management takes the time out to speak with them in person as opposed to email. Generally, these in-person discussions lead to more open and productive meetings because of the comfort level they provide.

Another option is to create an exit interview for the employee to complete, followed by an in-person meeting. Certain employees may indeed prefer to gather their thoughts by reviewing the interview questions before heading into the meeting to speak with their employer.

It’s also important to make sure to schedule the exit interview at the very end of the employee’s time at the company.

What To Ask

Although you never want the conversation to seem like it’s sterile or scripted, a few key questions will likely serve as an insight into how to make your company stronger and better for current as well as future employees. Typically, you will want to open the interview by saying something that will make the employee feel relaxed and comfortable. Maybe give them the option that they are not obligated to answer all of the questions asked of them if they are not comfortable. Whatever you choose, make sure that you leave them with the knowledge that you are seeking important feedback to make the company a better place for all current and future employees.


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