The Best Time To Conduct A Background Check

background check

Timing is important when it comes to conducting background checks.

So you’ve had a wonderful interview with a potential employee and now you are trying to determine the best time to conduct the inevitable background check. It is important to avoid making an offer and a permanent decision based on a gut feeling as opposed to a thorough background check. Human resource professionals and employers alike need to understand when it is time to conduct the background check on any potential employees before they hire someone who could harm the company or current employees.

The Importance Of Timing During The Hiring Process

Recently, studies have been conducted that show that the hiring process has become a very tedious and long process. In fact, job seekers are increasingly nervous about potential new hires with the rise in workplace crime. As a result, hiring managers are becoming increasingly nervous about potentially missing out on quality employees. However, if a job offer is made too fast, without conducting a background check, a company could end up hiring someone that may potentially be a high-risk employee. However, if hiring managers wait to offer a position to a candidate until the background check results come back, they may risk the candidate moving on if there are any data entry errors with a background check.

The Perfect Timing

There are a few different times that conducting a background check is optimal. It all really depends on your business’s specific needs. Once the applicant has submitted their resume, the employer can simply request that they fill out a background screening request form to conduct a background check. In addition, hiring managers who usually conduct more than one interview in the hiring process can ask the candidate to complete a background check application form prior to conducting the next round of interviews. Lastly, employers can choose to offer the candidate the position on the condition that they pass the mandatory background check.


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