Benefits of Pre-Employment Testing

pre-employment testing.

Don’t let someone who isn’t qualified slip into your company. Check out the benefits of pre-employment testing.

You may think an interview and a reference check is enough to make sure your candidate is the right person for a position with your company. But if you have a technical position like technology-heavy position, an interview may not be enough. But with a pre-employment testing, you will be able to determine who is the best person for your position and who can actually do the job. While it can seem like a hassle to implement pre-employment testing; businesses everywhere are benefiting from these tests. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of pre-employment testing.

Increased Employee Retention

Pre-employment testing can help increase your employee retention rate by ensuring that new employees are able to do the job properly. Many reports suggest people leave their positions because the work is not a good fit for them. With a pre-employment test, your candidates will know what kind of work they will be doing before they even start at your company. Only hire the right employees with a pre-employment test!

A Better Hiring Process

In many areas around the country, it takes an average of 45 days to fill a single position. But this is not for lack of candidates. Each job online job posting will receive an average of 250 resumes per position. These rapidly growing applicant pools can make it difficult for recruiters and hiring managers to manage the flow of applications. But with a refined hiring process, you may be able to fill the position sooner. With a pre-employment test administered online, you are able to weed out the “resume spammers” who send out their resumes with minimal thought or effort. Applicants who pass the test are the ones who are serious about working at your company and will be able to do the job they are applying for. So whether you do this online or before in-person interviews, your hiring process will be much smoother than before.

These are just some of the main benefits of choosing AIR Pre-Hire to design your pre-employment testing. For more information on implementing a pre-employment test for your business, call AIR Pre-Hire today!

Pre-Employment Testing by AIR Pre-Hire

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