Background Screening Helps Combat Resume Fraud

Background Screening Helps Combat Resume Fraud

Resume fraud is a very real, very unfortunate problem.

Resume fraud is a very real, very unfortunate problem. Hiring managers need to be diligent in detecting fraud to keep away disingenuous applicants. Studies show that around 50% of applicants will lie on their resume. Conducting background screenings on job applicants will reveal these lies.

The Usual Suspects

There are many very successful people who have lied on their resume, and when these falsehoods come to light it is quite embarrassing. Anyone, from recent graduates to CEOs, can lie on a resume. According to the statistics, the typical culprits of resume fraud are:

  • 70% college students who want a specific position that they want
  • 7% are those with a felony record
  • 3% are those with a misdemeanor record

According to Career Builder, the industries that are more likely to experience resume fraud are:

  • Financial Services- 73% more likely
  • Leisure and Hospitality- 71% more likely
  • Information Technology- 63% more likely
  • Healthcare- 63% more likely
  • Retail- 59% more likely

Likely Stories

By far, the most common categories of resume fraud are exaggerated job descriptions, job titles, and degrees. Other common categories of resume fraud are:

  • Skills
  • Employment dates
  • Awards
  • Former employers
  • College information
  • Fluency of foreign languages

It is quite common to do some embellishing of a skill to better match the job description, but some resumes tell outright lies that impact the position within the company. It’s not always possible to verify an applicant’s previous job performance but if you suspect fraud it is important to do what you can to reveal the truth. Some red flags you can look for are:

  • Applicant seems uncomfortable answering questions about their resume
  • Pay close attention to the applicant’s body language when you reveal that the information they’ve provided will be verified.
  • Perform job-related tests for applicants who claim to have the required skills.
  • Research applicants on social media, but make sure you have the correct profile.

Background Screenings Are Your “Lasso of Truth”

Like Wonder Woman’s “lasso of truth” you also have a tool that will help you reveal the truth: background screenings can reveal certain details about an applicant, including:

If you suspect that an applicant is too good to be true, conducting a background screening will tell you whether that person is really qualified or not.


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