6 Questions You Should Be Asking in an Interview

interview questions you should be asking

When interview a candidate, make sure you are asking the right questions.

Interviews are tough for both sides of the table. For the candidate, it is the nerve-wracking experience of being judged by a stranger. But for the manager, it is completely different. You have to remember what questions to ask, how to phrase them, and you have to judge how much each answer affects your decision. So before searching some commonly asked interview questions, take a look at some questions you should be asking, but probably aren’t.

What sort of trends do you think affect our business?

This question can provide you with insight on how well the candidate knows to industry as well as current industry trends. If a candidate claims to have been in the industry for several years, they should know more than the basic search answer.

What does a company owe its employees?

This question will help you understand the expectation a candidate has for your company. With this question, you will learn what the candidate hopes to gain from the job as well as valuable insight for how you should “sell” your company and brand to job seekers going forward.

What do you think are the reasons you may not stay in this position or in the company?

Like the other questions, this one will give you insight on what is important to the candidate as well as how to recruit future candidates. It will also tell you what aspect of this position the candidate would value the most. If the candidate says they would leave the position and company if they were offered a better salary, it might suggest they are monetarily motivated as opposed to being passionate about what they are doing.

What risks did you take at your last position?

Innovation is something every business values. This question will give you key insight into not only a candidate’s drive but their ability to think differently. It will also give you insight on how the candidate manages to handle risks and outcomes, whether they are good or bad.

Tell me about a time you used humor to diffuse a situation.

Not only will this tell you how the candidate is as a person, but it will also tell you about a time they used an asset they possessed to help out someone else. Sense of humor is an often overlooked trait in a company. But it is important for employees to be happy.

What is the most useful criticism you have ever received?

This question is a bit of a twist on the question, “what’s your greatest weakness?”. It will give you incite on what criticism they found particularly helpful, how it was delivered, and even if they have been working on that area.

These questions will not only give you candid answers, but they will also give you insight on how to truly reach a decision about a candidate. Interviewing on either side of the desk can be nerve-wracking. But with the right questions in hand, your new employee will be settling in in no time. For more information on our service, call AIR Pre-Hire today!


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