3 Hiring Assumptions to Avoid

hiring assumptions

It’s important to take your time choosing the right candidate.

Hiring is an important step towards building a powerful and effective company. You’re hand-picking a team that will work together to bring your business success. That’s why it’s important to hire carefully and not fall prey to common hiring assumptions. Avoid these three hiring assumptions so that you can build the best company.

It Won’t Take Long

If it’s time to find someone new to fill a position, it’s best to act quickly! Even if you know that as soon as you post the job on hiring boards resumes will come flooding in, that doesn’t mean that you’ll receive a lot of resumes from viable candidates. Hiring a candidate who has the right qualifications and fits the company culture is a very careful process that takes a lot of time.

Experienced Equals Qualified

Experience in an industry almost certainly guarantees that a candidate has the required skills necessary for the position. However, just being able to do that job does not mean the candidate is the best fit. It’s important to look deeper into a candidate’s experience to see just what exactly they’ve done. Have they led any projects or shown that they take initiative? Does their experience and personality indicate that they’d fit well into the company culture? Take the time to really inspect your candidates to find the right fit.

The Perfect Candidate is Out There

Just as we warn against not looking closely at your candidates, it’s also important not to get too choosy. Your list of requirements shouldn’t be so long that no one can meet your expectations! Consider what is absolutely needed for the job, then make a list of the skills that would be nice for a new employee to have. Remember, a job is not only a chance for an individual to contribute to a company; it’s also a chance for them to learn new, viable skills.


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