Verifying Employee Identity: Social Security Number Traces

You may take for granted the validity of your employees’ identification information, and why shouldn’t you? Identity fraud probably does not even cross your mind on the list of things you need to be on the lookout for during the hiring process. More likely you’re concerned with employment verification and the qualifications of a given applicant. But as rare and uncommon as it may seem, identity fraud to gain employment does happen, and it happens often enough that you should include Social Security number traces in your pre-employment screening checklist. Read on to find out more!

Social Security TraceWhy Do Applicants Use Stolen Social Security Numbers?

Your Social Security number is the ultimate form of identification and needs to be used for a variety of different purposes, including gaining employment. For those people without their own Social Security number, such as undocumented workers, stealing a number to use for job applications is often the go-to option. Even people with a Social Security number of their own may try to use another’s so that they can leave behind unwanted aspects of their true identity (a criminal past, financial issues, etc.) and find a new job.

Who Deals with Social Security Number Theft and Identity Fraud?

If through your pre-employment screening process shows that an applicant is using a stolen Social Security number, then you both know that this individual has committed a crime and can report them to the appropriate authorities. By rooting out these scams early on in the hiring process, you can guarantee that your company will not become involved in this individual’s troubles later on down the road, which could otherwise make you liable for any number of issues.

Protect your company by ordering a Social Security number trace through a reputable pre-employment screening service like AIR Pre-Hire!

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