Verify Your Applicant’s True Identity with a Social Security Number Trace

social security number trace

A social security number trace is a great way for employer and hiring candidate to work together to verify important information about the candidate.

A background report is essential to get to know the identity of your hiring candidates. Most employment background checks include a social security number trace. The applicant will provide critical information to the employer, including their social security number. If the applicant wants to prove their favorable education history or work experience, then it’s in their best interest to provide their social security number. But if an employee has something to hide, then having an accurate social security number works in favor of the employer. At this point, the social security number trace is a critical tool.

What is a Social Security Number Trace?

A social security number trace is a search based on an applicant’s social security number that returns crucial information, including names and aliases, date of birth, address history, and credit header information. It’s important to note that credit header information is different from the information returned on a credit check. A credit check returns more in-depth, detailed credit history.  A social security number trace returns basic credit information that does not include credit scores.

Why Use a Social Security Number Trace?

A company that conducts a social security number trace knows how to separate invalid information from valid information. Oftentimes, a social security number trace will return information that is misspelled or has other errors or will return no information at all. A professional screening company knows how to spot misspelled or erroneous information and will likely know not to submit it. A professional screening company also takes special care to look for undisclosed names or locations. Based on that uncovered information, they can conduct a criminal records search based on the missing information. With a team of hardworking analysts, your social security number trace is likely to return to you pertinent information that can sway your hiring decisions.


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