Use Drug Testing as Part of Pre-Employment Screening

Benefits of Using Drug Testing from AIR Pre-Hiredrug testing

AIR Pre-Hire’s drug screening is offered in 5, 8, or 10 panel testing either onsite or at the closest lab to your business. It is in your best interest that your company adheres to a strict substance abuse policy. It discourages users of illegal drugs to apply to your organization but also gives them something to work towards if your business holds their ideal job. AIR Pre-Hire also has both D.O.T and non-D.O.T. You will receive the results in 24 hours, so you can have a quick turnaround time in decision making.

Statistics Prove Pre-Employment Screening Works

Not only do accidents occur when your employees are high, but productivity can be extremely slow. The Justice Department also offered the fact that absences are frequent in drug abusers and the turnover rate for businesses is thirty percent higher than companies that hire clean employees. Numbers don’t lie. Heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, prescription drugs, and other illicit drugs were looked at in the studies. Employees in the construction field and even CEOs of corporations have admitted to using illegal drugs.

Use AIR Pre-Hire as an HR Tool for Drug Screening

Using AIR Pre-Hire for pre-employment screening and drug testing could save your business millions of dollars and reduce liability. It is your duty to protect your company’s assets and healthy employees from dangerous people. Hiring the wrong employee could be devastating to private company information. Someone may seem on the straight and narrow in an interview, but when they are on drugs, they act like a completely different person and with less rationale. Drug testing as a pre-employment screening tactic will detect this and offer a red flag to the hiring department. Your company’s success is dependent upon its employees, so why not take all steps necessary to make sure you get your paycheck?

Do you have the time, resources, and access rights to perform the necessary investigations? If not, call AIR Pre-Hire to handle pre-employment screening for you. AIR Pre-Hire in Reisterstown, MD, conducts accurate and verified universal background screening, so you will have thorough background checks on your employees. Here at AIR Pre-Hire we don’t simply check the basic information, we dig deep to identify inconsistencies and make sure your potential employees (as well as existing employees) are acceptable for hire. This is the human element of our custom pre-screening service. You can count on us for timely, verified pre-screening and employee re-screening.

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