Top Prescreening Tips for Employers on the Hunt

Finding the right employees for your company doesn’t happen overnight. In order to discover the candidates that are truly qualified, a lengthy hiring process with multiple steps must first occur. If you are an employer looking to navigate your way through these steps, then read on to find out more!

prescreening-checklistThe Best Prescreening Tips for Companies

 1.)   Go with a professional service. Conducting background checks is more complex than simply typing someone’s name into Google. A professional prescreening service will have a wider range of resources than your company will, and so they can guarantee you more detailed and concrete results.

2.)   Leave no stone unturned. Little details may seem like they’re just that, but consider that you may narrow your field of potential hires down to just two choices. If both seem equally qualified for the job based on the general facts, then what once was a little detail could quickly become a deciding factor instead.

3.)   Focus on your part. While a professional prescreening service can take care of the majority of the heavy digging, remember that there is a personal element to the hiring process. When you interview a potential hire, focus on how their personality seems like it would fit in to the rest of the office environment.

4.)   Trust the facts. Even if an interview goes incredibly well, however, this is no guarantee that the facts uncovered in the prescreening process will match up with the person you met. Though it is tempting to offer a job to someone who made a good impression in person, trust that the prescreening process truly will bring forth information that you need to know about potential hires.

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