Tenant Red Flags: What to Look for Before You Sign the Lease

When you have an open apartment or house to fill, you may be feeling the pressure to get someone in there quickly. After all, every day that space sits open is money out of your pocket! However, it can save you time, stress, and money in the long run if you opt for tenant screening services before signing the lease. Tenant screening will unveil prior histories through a credit report with score and nationwide eviction database search, criminal record searches, nationwide sex offenders search, previous landlord interview, and employment verifications. Certain red flags may come up during your background check. They are not necessarily deal-breakers, but may warrant further investigation. Read on to find out what red flags to look out for when screening prospective tenants!


Certain red flags may come up during your background check. They are not necessarily deal-breakers, but may warrant further investigation.

Credit Check Red Flags

You need written permission from the tenant to run a credit check, so if they seem hesitant or do not consent at all, that’s certainly a red flag. Credit checks can alert you to a history of bad credit or even bankruptcy, qualities in a tenant that almost certainly mean that you will not be paid in full or on time. If their credit score has improved over the last several years, or if the bankruptcy was filed a decade ago or more, you may decide to be more lenient.

History of Evictions

If you find out either through the credit check or by speaking with a previous landlord that the prospective tenant has been evicted even once, steer clear! The most common reason for eviction is nonpayment of rent, which is exactly what you don’t need.

Criminal History

Deciding whether or not to accept an applicant who has a criminal history is based on your own discretion. For example, you probably don’t want to rent to a registered sex offender or someone who was convicted of dealing drugs; however, you probably might feel a little better about renting to someone who served a few weeks in jail for unpaid parking tickets.

Lying on Application

Sometimes, applicants just appear too good to be true. Tenant screening services can help to uncover red flags and help you decide if this is actually the case or not. Many times, a tenant that looks good on paper isn’t actually what they say they are in real life. If you don’t follow through with tenant screening, you will never know if they are actually telling the truth. Tenant screening is the only way you can know for sure what you’re getting yourself into before you sign the lease.

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