What is the Stolen Valor Act?

Veteran Military Imposter

The Stolen Valor Act makes it illegal for military Imposters to steal jobs and benefits from real veterans.

You may have heard of the Stolen Valor Act. It was passed by the Obama administration recently, in 2013. This law prohibits any person from fraudulently claiming to have been given a military decoration or award for the purpose of receiving a tangible benefit. So, one cannot claim to be a war veteran who has been awarded a Purple Heart, Navy Cross, Medal of Honor, or any other military award as a means to getting a job or receiving money. When you are hiring new employees, it’s best to give them a background check first to make sure that you are hiring smart.

How Do Military Imposters Affect Real Veterans?

It may be difficult to understand why one would lie about serving his or her country. It seems that most military imposters pretend to be war veterans as a way to command respect and admiration from others. Some even go so far as to buy uniforms and medals and wear them in public to garner comments from passersby. This may be harmless behavior, but it becomes harmful when used to take advantage of benefits that are offered to veterans. You may have seen a video circulating the internet of a man questioning a military imposter who was taking advantage of veteran’s day sales at a mall. The man was exposed when he couldn’t keep the details of his story straight. It’s unfortunate that an individual took advantage of sales at a mall, but he could have been doing much worse. People who falsely claim to be veterans can also take advantage of federal benefits from the government that are allotted for veterans. Veterans are eligible for special disability compensation, housing grants, and life insurance. These federal benefits are paid for by tax dollars, so when military imposters take advantage of them, they are using up a valuable resource that is not for them. Many employers also take special care to hire veterans. When a military imposter is hired on the basis of his veteran status, she or he is taking away that job from a real veteran. AIR Pre-Hire protects against military imposters and upholds the Stolen Valor Act by performing background checks that specially check for military status. You can avoid aiding a military imposter and instead hire a true veteran by making sure to do a background check.

So, avoid military imposters and hire true war heroes with reliable background checks from AIR Pre-Hire! To those who have truly served our country: thank you. Happy Veteran’s Day!


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