The Silent Psychology Behind the Job Interview

When it comes to selecting a new employee to join your team, there are several stages you must go through. From the initial posting of the open position to the reviewing of resumes to the final decision, the hiring process is complex and truly multilayered. One layer in particular has a reputation for being the most nerve-wracking: the job interview. After background checks have narrowed down your field of applicants to a select few, the job interview is often the deciding factor, and with a few subtle psychological cues, you can determine during the interview which applicant will be the best fit for your office. Read on to find out more!

job-interview-psychologyWhat Isn’t Said in A Job Interview Can Make All the Difference

Most people prioritize what is said during the job interview, but what goes unsaid is just as important. Applicants will give off three essential cues: visual, auditory, and “action” indicators that can shed some light on the kind of employee they would be.

Visual cues include details such as the candidate’s outfit, body language, and overall appearance. Depending on the type of work environment your company is aiming for, certain color palettes and patterns could be off-putting. Fidgeting could indicate nervousness or a lack of adaptability. Be on the lookout for these kinds of factors when interviewing a potential hire.

Auditory cue have everything to do with the applicant’s voice and its relative tone and volume. If they speak too quietly throughout the interview, this could indicate that they are timid or shy. Speaking too loudly, on the other hand, may be a manifestation of nerves. A confident speaking voice can do its part to set one candidate apart from the rest.

“Action” cues boil down to that all-important handshake. A good handshake will be firm, friendly, and should occur both at the beginning and end of the interview.

In addition to the valuable information provided by employee background checks, use these psychological clues to help your next hiring decision go smoothly.

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