Resume Red Flags (And How Background Checks Help!)

These days, there are countless templates and services that provide job hunters with the perfect format for a resume. But even the most polished-looking CV you’ve seen can be hiding some unsavory truths about the person you are considering adding to your company. So how can you spot these resume red flags and stop yourself from making a poor hiring decision? Read on to find out!

resume-red-flagsWhat to Watch Out for on an Applicant’s Resume

1.)    Though it may seem like a superficial detail, look at the contact information provided by the applicant. Is their email address clean and simple, or is it something silly? A cute or humorous email address may be fine for personal email correspondence, but a job applicant should have taken the time to create an address that reflects their maturity and professionalism.

2.)    Next, take a look at how recently the candidate has been employed. Do they currently have a job, or have they had a long stretch of time spent out of work? An unemployed applicant may not have up-to-date or relevant job skills, depending on the specifics of their circumstances. If you see this red flag on a resume, be sure to follow up with professional background checks to see whether the unemployed period was based on a negative work experience or it was simply a life choice of the applicant.

3.)    Commitment-phobia: bad for relationships, bad for employers. As an employer, you want to see a vast array of experiences on an applicant’s resume, but within reason. If those experiences were gained from being at six different jobs in two years, for instance, this could be a sign of a serial job hopper. Use the results of your background checks and information from work references to see why exactly it was so difficult for the applicant to settle in to one job.

Background checks can help explain the reasons behind many resume red flags. Get in touch with AIR Pre-Hire today for more information!

All About AIR Pre-Hire

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