Rescreening Employees Before Making Promotions

Determining whether or not a certain employee is ready for a promotion is a major decision. Not only will this decision affect that employee, but it will also have implications for the entire company. Before you go ahead and make the decision to promote within your business, there are a few steps that you should follow first, including an employee “rescreening.” Read on to find out more!

promotions-rescreeningWhat to Do Before Promoting an Employee

The first thing you should do when considering an employee for a promotion is to write out a list of their most valued skills and traits. Are they consistent with deadlines? Do they have a cooperative, can-do attitude? Making note of any attributes that have contributed positively to your office can give you a better idea of how well the employee would do in a position with more responsibilities and authority. Likewise, you should also create a list of traits you think the employee needs to improve upon. Perhaps they are not always on-task or are not independent enough when it comes to completing certain projects. Even if the employee does not end up getting the promotion, you can address these issues with them and suggest methods for improving.

Another important thing to do when considering an employee for a promotion is going through the process of rescreening them. You may think this step is a redundant one, as you probably screened all of your employees before making the decision to hire them in the first place. But consider that a promotion is essentially like hiring the employee to do a brand new job. Rescreening will alert you to any changes that might be worth knowing about before committing to giving that one employee a promotion over another. It is an essential part of promoting!

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